john school diversion program

Information About John School

January 2, 2020

John Diversion School is a special class available to individuals who’ve been arrested and charged with the crime of soliciting prostitution. This is a crime that occurs all across the world. Most often, it is men who are charged with the crime. The conviction can tarnish an individual’s reputation. Courts have deemed this one of the less serious crimes committed today and offer some offenders the chance to clear the name by completing this special school. Here are more important facts about the school.

Purpose of John Diversion School

Many people who solicit prostitutes sent away of the many dangers and risks that come with that decision. There are risks of being harmed, STDs including HIV/AIDS and a host of additional risks that come with this crime. You learn about these crimes in the school and how to protect yourself.

Cost of Class

John Diversion School must be paid for at a cost out of your own pocket. The class fee is due in advance and is non-refundable. Once you complete the required eight=hour course, you receive a certificate of completion to present to the courts.

First-Time Offenders

If you’ve been previously arrested and charged with soliciting prostitution in the past, you are ineligible for the john school diversion program. This special class is available only to first-time offenders.

Available cross the US

john school diversion program

Although the John Diversion School is not available in every area, it is available in many jurisdictions across the country. If it is available, your lawyer or the judge will let you know during the court appearance.

Time Frame

You must attend the John school for a period of eight hours. Most classes are broken down into one hour blocks so it’s easier for the offender to complete. Some classes are available online while others must be attended in person.